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CO2 wire metal also affects the weldability element



2019 11 22

CO2 wire in fact, there are also many different types of metal elements, in which different elemental composition, and even different quality welding wire, welding work is on overall impact. Quality wire has a very good energy efficient, but also now there are many eco-friendly materials, does meet the current market demand. Low carbon steel and low alloy steel welded to the need to use the wire, so its quality requirements are very high. The different effects of alloying elements on the welding situation, we should also understand well in advance.

Effects of silicon elements

CO2 wire silicon element is very common, mainly acts deoxidation, and can effectively prevent oxidation and iron, which also can ensure good welding results. If used alone to a silicon deoxidation element, may have some small technology, making it difficult to float out from the bath, it may cause a certain metal inclusions.
The impact of manganese

In fact, the role of manganese and silicon elements are similar, but not silicon oxygen capacity less powerful. Manganese deoxidation alone, the manganese oxide to produce a very dense, but also difficult to float out of the bath. However, the use of manganese can be synthesized manganese sulfide and sulfide, which can reduce its generation of cracks, practicality is good.

The impact of phosphorus

CO2 wire Zhongnongda phosphorus can be dissolved in ferrite, steel strengthening effect is very good, can effectively enhance the strength and hardness of the steel is good, so that it can improve corrosion resistance of steel. Therefore, phosphorus is still very important, we must protect the legitimate good of the wire element, which is the real welding results guaranteed.

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