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Szeshang Welding Factory Start Working in the Year of the Ox



2021 02 19

A new year resumed, Szeshang Start working again . On February 19, 2021, the 8th of the lunar calendar new year, All employees of our company were filled with smiles and wished New Year’s greetings each other. The sincere greetings were accompanied by bursts of laughter, creating a celebration for the first day of working. Filled with peaceful atmosphere.

Early in the morning, the employees came to the company with a smile on their faces to perform temperature checks and registrations before entering the factory .


Facing the sunrise in the early spring, the company’s family members lined up neatly


Every one received a red envelope, which represents the company's encouragement to employees and hope for the new year.

The plan for a year lies in spring, new hope, new journey, Szeshang Welding factory adheres to the core values of "As Rules of World, Morality is the First; As way of business, Integrity is the Chief", to make products more refined and stronger, and dedicated to Domestic and foreign customers bring high-quality products and satisfactory services.



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